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About Us

About US

Welcome to OneKing Telecom, a Peertel Communications Company, here you will find all the information about our company, our partners, customers, products and services.


About Us.

FREE Trial 30 Days Virtual Canadian Number with ACF Forwarding, no increase in price, with no contract , no Credit Card Needed, crisp quality calls, tons of other features and start saving!

One King Telecom is a  Certified Business Communication Solution Provider and Channel Integration Provider based in Toronto, Ontario - Canada.

Virtual Numbers 3$ Per Month (SMS Enabled).


Virtual Canada Numbers, The Ultimate Call Handling Robot with tons of features (Advance Call Forwarding).

* Receive calls, SMS. Faxes online on laptop, pc, ipad, iphone.
* Receive calls from anywhere any country any number
* Forward calls to any phone number or VoIP destination (example Google Gmail/Gtalk)
* Play back custom recorded messages to callers, block unwanted callers.
* Direct calls using extension numbers, setup your own small pbx office phone system.
* Get Alert by sms / email before the call /fax comes (saves $$$ while you are roaming).
* Send voice-mail messages to selected email addresses.
* Receive faxes and forward them to an email address.
* Access a dial tone by dialing your numbers, make intl calls using low rates.
* Host conference calls, Route calls based on time of the day.

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Payment is via www.paypal.com (an ebay company) or google checkout, No Contracts, Month to Month Billing, there are no incoming charges except for the monthly charge of 5.65$ per month if paid monthly.

3$ price is based on a 2 year prepaid plan, Fwding to PSTN requires deposit of 10$, SMS login requires yearly plan.

Skypein Canada Numbers 6$ Per Month (SMS Enabled).

Skypein Canada Numbers are available @ 6 $ per month for your skype*.

Calls to these numbers goes to your skype, or your mobile / other phone, if no answer or not available then it takes the caller to voice mail and then the voice mail are sent to your email as a .wav file or to your blackberry / iphone.

No other charges just 6$ per month.

* Receive calls, SMS online on laptop, pc, ipad, iphone.
* No Contract, Month to Month Service Plan.
* Secure, Safe Payment via Paypal.com
* Call Recording, Voice mail to email
* Vmx Location, Personalize Greeting.
* Call Forwarding any number any country.
* Free Incoming SMS to Email -or FWD to any Number in world.
* Find me / Follow me / FREE Call FWD to anywhere US-Canada!.
* Missed Call Notification
* You can be anywhere in the world online and receive calls.
* Call Screening, Do Not Disturb, Black List, Call Recording.
* Voice mail to email (.wav file, play in blackberry or other mobile/computer).
* Your Cell Phone voice mails as an email attachment and play them blackberry/iphone/ipad).

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Payment is via www.paypal.com (an ebay company) or google checkout, No Contracts, Month to Month Billing, there are no incoming charges except for the monthly charge of 10$ per month.

6$ price is based on a 2 year prepaid plan



Are you moving and you would like to notify your callers of your new number for less?

Would you like to forward all your calls to another number and save on bills?
Are you changing phone numbers but you'd like to keep the old one?

Would like to get rid of the expensive bill but not the phone number?

Now there is a way for you to keep your phone numbers, and keep in touch with friends and customers, for the fraction of your current costs.

Park your phone number or cell phone number with us!

For as low as 3$ a month*, we will keep your number. After you sign up we will port your phone number to our system. You can select from different options how to process your call:

You can now port your existing numbers from your current provider!

Porting takes about 2-3 weeks you dont need to disconnect your existing service, (canceling contract with existing provider may cost you penalty fees, while your number is in porting process you will not experience any disconnection (except for 1 day).

OneKing Telecom is a Peertel Communications Company, Certified Integration Partner in Canada, privately owned and funded by owners and friends with operations in over 7 countries, our main call and support center is co-located in 151 front street, Toronto Canada which is one of the most interconnected Building in North America.

* Emergency Calls to 911 Cannot be made from Skype Soft phone or Desktop Phones* 

* Canadian federal law requires one-party consent for telephone call recording. Please refer to provincial laws for more information*

* Skype currently do not provide canadian numbers, OnekingTelecom Virtual Canada Number for skype is powered by Licensed Skype for Asterisk Software and its not endorsed / Accredited by skype.com

* Skype, SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skype Me, the Skype Logo and the S logo and other marks indicated on our site are trademarks of Skype Limited or other related companies. Skype is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and with the Trademark Offices of the countries of Australia, Finland, Benelux, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, and Taiwan, etc.




ACF Virtual Number on a 3$ monthly includes free incoming and tons of option like play a welcome greeting, do time based routing like fwd calls to vmail after 6pm or have it fwded to support if its urgent, these and other features are just what everyone need to simplify their biz communications, with just 3$ monthly, call routing on weekdays and weekend, especially v usefull, you can never miss an important call, call screening to keep spamers away, the list goes on and on.

-great job

Alex. Toronto- 


Why do you use Canada Number for Skype ?